In general, funding is a mixture of federal, state, local, self-pay and insurance sources. The largest portion is from Fee for Service, which includes all third party and out of pocket payments. The second largest revenue source is from the state; those funds include Mental Health Reform and State Aid. The majority of that money comes from the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services’ community mental health funds. Local funding from the 20 counties is the third largest source.

There is an additional category of “Other” that is a catchall for funds not attributable to the primary sources. At this point federal funding is hardly on the funding radarscope.This mixture makes it financially possible to offer sliding-scale fees, to individuals, based on an ability to pay. Those who can afford to pay full fee are expected to do so. Certain services, not required by state licensure nor supported by state funds are offered at an established fee, unrelated to income

About Us

Founded in 1964, High Plains Mental Health Center has been serving the residents of Northwest Kansas with mental health services for over five decades. Click here to learn about our mission, […]

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LPN/LMHT, Mental Health Services High Plains Mental Health Center, a Comprehensive Community Mental Health Center currently has a full time position opening for a LPN/LMHT, Mental Health Services in our Hays Main Office.  […]

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Contact Us

For all emergencies, please call 911.  If this is not an emergency, dial (800) 432-0333 or (785) 628-2871 to reach us.  To email us, please use the form below.  If […]

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History of the Center

High Plains was created in 1964, through action taken by the joint efforts of the County Commissions in Ellis, Rooks, Phillips and Norton counties. Kansas law gave local government the […]

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Mental Health First Aid

Taking a Mental Health First Aid class will help to prepare you to be able to help individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis.  Request a training for your […]

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